Singapore is a humid country.

Here is top 5 dessert to beat the Singapore Heat

1. Ice Kachang

You’ll find a treasure trove of sweetened beans, fruit and jellies deep inside the mountain of shaved ice splashed with luridly colored syrups, evaporated milk and gula melaka (palm sugar). Sometimes it’s a race to enjoy the dessert before it melts. A good way to avoid the brain freeze and a messy heap of slush? Share the dessert with a loved one!


2.  Cendol

This dessert is named for the soft, greenish noodle bits it comes with. The very best cendol is still the simplest — just coconut milk, shaved ice, gula melaka, light green cendol and a dash of salt. These days, other toppings like kidney beans, grass jelly cubes, creamed corn and even durian paste and vanilla ice cream have found their way into this dessert.


3. Mango Sago Pomelo

One of the most popular Chinese cold desserts is mango sago pomelo with ice. Shaved ice is doused with thick, creamy mango puree, sweet mango cubes and pomelo sacs that lend an interesting tinge of tangy bitterness. Sago (tapioca) beads add filling bulk and a chewy texture.


4. Cold Cheng Tng

A sweet soup made with dried longans, barley, ginkgo nuts, lotus seeds and lily buds, all chosen for their beneficial value. Ingredients vary, so sometimes you’ll find white fungus, agar or jelly strips, candied winter melon strips, red dates and dried persimmon slices as well. “Cheng tng” means clear soup, and is extremely popular, either hot or cold. Even the hot variety can help beat the heat and humidity, thanks to the brew’s cooling properties.


5. Coconut

There is nothing more rustic and tropical than drinking juice right out of a coconut. A chilled coconut is even better, given our weather. Coconut juice is inherently cooling, and has properties that help boost immunity as well. Best of all, scrape out the sweet and tender young coconut flesh to eat in between thirst-quenching sips.

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